What students will be learning on the Day of AI 2024

The Day of AI is just around the corner and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes with world-class AI experts to deliver our best learning materials yet.

Everything you need to deliver the program will be made available to registered teachers in April, however, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at exactly what your students will be learning when you register your classroom for the Day of AI.

The Day of AI learning materials will contain five lessons covering everything from the core concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) to ethical considerations, and explore a multitude of exciting use cases for AI technology. The full day of hands-on learning will end with an exciting student challenge that provides students with the opportunity to use everything they’ve learned about AI to solve real-world problems.

Without further ado, here is a breakdown of everything your students will be learning on the Day of AI in 2024.


Lesson 1: What is Artificial Intelligence?

In our first lesson, students will explore AI through exciting interactive activities, discussions, and videos. 

They will dissect the term “AI” and its components, engaging with the 5 Big Ideas of AI to understand its capabilities. Students  will apply their knowledge to classify technology in the game “AI or Not”. Finally, students will have the opportunity to get hands-on and have fun with Google Quick, Draw! and learn about the core AI mechanics — datasets, algorithms, and predictions — laying the groundwork for deeper exploration in lessons that follow.


Lesson 2: How do Machines Learn?

Students will delve into machine learning, a cornerstone of AI, through interactive activities and discussions. They will explore how AI systems learn using curated datasets, experimenting with image recognition and sound classification. By engaging with hands-on exercises using Google’s Teachable Machines platform and analysing case studies, students will grasp the essence of training, testing, and prediction in AI. Through these activities, they will uncover the intricate process of how machines learn from data to make predictions, fostering a deeper understanding of AI principles.


Lesson 3: How do Machines Create Things?

Students will explore generative AI, with an emphasis on large language models (LLMs). Through interactive activities, they will discern the applications of generative AI, weighing its risks and benefits. 

Students will engage in group discussions on how AI generates text and experiment with a predictive text algorithm game. By delving into case studies and experiencing a large language model in action, they will tackle the complexities and implications of this exciting new AI technology.


Lesson 4: Ethics, Misinformation and the Responsible Use of AI

Students will explore the ethical considerations surrounding AI usage. They will consider societal impacts and analyse AI-generated content in mainstream media, considering biases, plagiarism and responsible AI use. 

Through discussions and case studies, they will examine the perspectives of various stakeholders in contexts like AI art and journalism. Students will also explore the limits of AI, and build an understanding of AI’s ethical implications, fostering critical thinking skills and ethical awareness.


Lesson 5: AI in Different Careers and Industries

Students will investigate the intersection of AI and various industries. They will explore the concept of a business, identify key stakeholders, and categorise well-known Australian companies into major industries. 

Through research and group discussions, they will investigate how AI is currently impacting different industries and envision its future role. Students will analyse AI’s potential benefits for stakeholders like customers, employees, and owners while considering associated risks. To finish the final lesson, students  will present their findings, offering recommendations on responsible AI use across diverse sectors, and fostering critical thinking and industry awareness.


Student Challenge: Using AI to Tackle Climate Change and Sustainability

The Day of AI will wrap up with an exciting Student Challenge, where students will work in pairs to develop an idea for their own AI technology project that tackles a specific problem (keep an eye out for an announcement in coming weeks). 

The challenge is designed for students to apply the concepts learned throughout previous lessons with a chance to win a range of fantastic prizes for themselves and their school.


You can deliver the learning materials any way you choose

You know your students best, so we’ve made sure our learning materials are adaptable. How you deliver the series during Term 2 is up to you.

You have the flexibility to teach the learning materials on any day in Term 2, across a week or even the whole term. The choice is completely yours.


Additional support for teachers will be provided before the Day

We want teachers to feel confident before delivering the learning materials, which is why we will be providing additional supports in early Term 2.

Registered teachers will receive access to short videos outlining everything educators need to know about delivering the lessons and answers to your FAQs—for teachers to view when suits them best. Teachers will also have the opportunity to book into live information sessions in early Term 2. Dates for these sessions will be made available shortly.


Have you registered for the Day of AI 2024 yet?

Equip your students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an increasingly AI-powered world. The Day of AI is a free full day of engaging and interactive learning for students in Years 5-10. The Day can be taught at any time during Term 2. Materials will be made available to registered teachers in early April.

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