Win $1,200 for Your Class

How can AI be used to tackle climate change and sustainability? Use what you've learned about AI to come up with a solution and your class could win $1,200!

A teacher at the Day of AI pointing to students with their hands raised.

How Does It Work?

After you’ve completed the Day of AI 2024, it’s time to use what you’ve learned to come up with an idea that tackles climate or helps your school be more environmentally sustainable.

Work in pairs to think up a solution and create a short video explaining your idea.

Then, upload your video to enter. The winning team gets $1,200 for their class and there are other awesome prizes up for grabs.
Check out all the details here.

*The competition is only open to teachers working at Participating Schools enrolled in the Day of AI Program at 5pm on the close date of the competition, 15th June

The competition will close at 5pm on 15th June. No referrals received after that time will be counted.

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