Getting ready for the Day of AI: a guide

The Day of AI is coming to schools across Australia on Wednesday 27 July 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited!

Now that you’ve registered your school for this exciting program it’s time to consider the planning and preparation required in the lead up to and on the day.

Before we do that, please ensure you’ve signed up for one of our FREE teacher training sessions where you’ll participate in a two-hour session delivered by i2 Learning.

The summary below outlines the materials you will need for the day for Years 7-10, as well as some simple tips in preparing and setting up your classroom. It’s really important that you build in time to read through this information in more detail, in your teacher materials.


General classroom set up and preparation

  • Identify or consider the classrooms that can be used for the Day of AI
  • These rooms or spaces will need to be set up with projectors to conduct the different lessons
  • If you don’t have access to a projector, you can print out the complete PowerPoint presentation and give one print out between two students
  • Ensure devices being used by students are Chromebooks or laptops, with Chrome or Edge installed
  • Have some whiteboard space or plenty of butchers paper handy, for the practical activities


Lesson 1: What is AI?

Activity 1: What do we mean by Artificial Intelligence?


  • Materials and resources required
    • If possible, teachers are to bring a physical example of a machine with AI (i.e. a smartphone, or an Alexa or other virtual assistance device)
    • A machine without AI (i.e, a toaster or cd player)
  • Tip
    • If running this activity in a full class discussion, put up the slides that show images of each example, and open a discussion about whether it is AI or not. If you decide to break the class into small groups, ask students to go to the ‘AI or Not’ link in their student webpage, and have each group discuss the different examples themselves.

Remember that the educational outcomes of the program are just one part of the Day of AI! Beyond learning about the power and capabilities of AI, the day is really about sparking curiosity, building confidence with AI concepts and encouraging students to use their imagination and think big when it comes to understanding how AI can be used in daily life. More than anything, we want you and your students to unleash your creativity and have fun!

Lesson 2: How Do Machines Gain Intelligence?

Activity 1: Datasets and google quick, draw

  • Materials and resources required
    • Whiteboard or butchers paper you can draw on
    • A phone, watch or other device that a student representative can use to keep time

Students must have access to Google Quick Draw https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/ (accessed via their student webpage)


Lesson 3: Teachable Machines

Activity 1: Training a machine


Lesson 4: Deepfakes

Activity 1: How can we ensure that AI be used responsibly?

  • General
    • You will need at least 14 students and no more than 36 students for one of the activities. If you don’t have the minimum required number of students, then please feel free to skip this activity and focus more time on the other activities or offer more time to the final student pitch lesson.

  • Materials and resources required
    • 50 sheets of A5 paper for printing the letters for the classroom GAN activity Please note, each sheet of paper should have one and only one capital letter on it.
      • After printing you should have 26 individual pieces of paper in total. There should be one letter of the alphabet per piece of paper.
      • You will then need 15 more pieces of paper, with three each of the following capital letters:
        • 3 x “D”s, 3 x “Y”s, 3 x “O”s, 3 x “F”’s and 3 x “I”’s
        • Please ensure these letters are in a different font to the above 26 letters.
      • Finally, you will need 9 additional pieces of paper with a capital “A” on each. Please ensure these letters are also in a different font.
    • Obama Deepfake video (EdPuzzle)
    • Classroom GAN Activity description
    • Deepfakes Explained: How the Pros Create Deepfakes Edpuzzle from DW


Lesson 5: Students’ own project idea

  • Materials and resources required:
    • Whiteboard or butchers paper for students to write their competition pitch ideas on
    • Smart phone for the students to record their competition pitch on


We hope this guide is useful as you prepare for the inaugural Day of AI. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@tdmg8.sg-host.com .

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