Day of AI Competition Winners 2022

We’re thrilled to announce the competition winners for the Day of AI 2022!

First of all, we wanted to congratulate every student that entered this year’s competition.
We were blown away by the creativity, innovation and application of AI that each entrant demonstrated in their submission. The passion with which all students explained how they could use AI technology to solve a problem in their school or community was brilliant and it was wonderful to see the course materials come to life.

Year 10 Winners

McClelland College

Tori and Sarah’s idea to use AI technology to identify and translate sign language was aimed at supporting deaf people in our community and improving their day-to-day life.

Regan and Noah came up with a great idea called ‘Gamebreaker’ which aims to help people create robust and high-quality computer games, free from bugs and coding errors.

Somerville House

The Somerville House students presented a range of creative ideas, from elevators that use face and voice recognition to operate, to machines that alert emergency services in times of need, and AI devices that tackle food wastage in the home.

Maronite College of the Holy Family

Theresa and Sophia came up with the idea of an app that provides people with an immediate diagnosis of their illnesses from the comfort of their own home.

Dominic College

Harrison and Oscar had the great idea of a robot that travels around the city to identify overfilled rubbish bins that would then take, sort and appropriately dispose of this rubbish.

Year 7 - 9 Winners

St Mary’s College

The students at St Mary’s College presented a fantastic idea that looked at using AI technology to reduce school traffic congestion by alerting parents and guardians when they had stopped in the drop off zone for too long.

Plumpton High School

Caiden and Alice’s idea focussed on a robot that would alleviate stress on our healthcare system by assisting with basic medical tests and patient care.

Ewen and Annacemone’s idea was called the ‘TutorBot’ – a robot that helps students by providing tailored education support based on their needs.

SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Sophia and Gabby’s idea focussed on using AI technology to ensure electric vehicles don’t pose a danger to blind people in our community and instead, can be easily detected by them.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted a competition pitch! We can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with next year for Day of AI 2023!

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