Your resource round-up: Everything you need to run Day of AI 2024

In case you missed it, we launched our 2024 program materials on April 3rd, along with a whole stack of teacher resources to help you feel confident to deliver Day of AI. To save you a few extra clicks, we’ve rounded up six resources that will answer all your questions.

Let’s review.


1. Register your classroom for the Day of AI to access our 2024 program materials

First things first—you’ll need to register as a teacher to access the materials.

Registering will create an account for you to access the program materials through our Learning Management System. It’s super quick and easy—it will take you less than two minutes.

2. Watch our teacher information video series

We have the answers to all of your burning questions about the program and delivering the lessons in this series of short, informative videos. 

There are four videos, each approximately 6-7 minutes long, for teachers to view when suits them best.

3. Book to attend one of our upcoming teacher information sessions

If you prefer to discuss the materials in real-time, with a real person (no AI bots here!) we are also providing optional information sessions over the coming weeks.

The Information session will run for 45 minutes, and will cover:

  • What is the Day of AI?
  • Ways of teaching the Day in Term 2
  • Structure and sequencing of the lessons
  • “First Look” at each lesson and its content
  • Supporting documentation for the Day
  • A demo of the LMS.

The final 15 minutes will be dedicated to Q&A.

4. Read our Educator Guide

Our Educator Guide is a must-read! The Guide provides an overview of how our program supports and aligns with the current curriculum, key learning areas, general capability students will develop through the program and cross-curriculum priorities.

5. Read our Tech Guide

Day of AI lessons require the use of a number of online platforms and tools, all of which can be accessed through a browser. Our Tech Guide outlines these tools for you and your IT support staff so that you can make sure everything works as intended on the day.

We strongly encourage you to conduct some testing before you plan to deliver the lessons to ensure that everything works as expected, and to make sure there are no surprises during your first class!

6. Read our FAQ

If you’ve managed to get through this very informative list with lingering questions, check out our FAQ, or slide into our inbox at hello@dayofaiaustralia.com if you’re experiencing any issues.

Help us make 2024 our most impactful year yet!

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Make sure they put your name in the “Name the teacher who referred you” field when they register for Day of AI for your chance to win one of three new laptops valued at $1,800 AUD each!

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