Fast Five with Mary-Anne Williams

Professor Mary-Anne Williams is the Michael J Crouch Chair for Innovation at UNSW where she collaborates to grow entrepreneurship and accelerate innovative thinking throughout Australia. Mary-Anne is passionate about exploring and using AI to make a difference in people’s lives, change what is possible, and reshape how society works! As an expert in the field, […]

Fast Five with Alex Mirrington

Before joining Rokt as a Machine Learning Engineer, Alex Mirrington worked as a software engineer and computer science tutor after studying a Bachelor of IT and Computer Science at the University of Sydney. We put these Fast Five questions to Alex to discover why he pursued a study and career path that involves AI. What […]

Fast Five with Ben Akres

Ben Akres joined Rokt as a Machine Learning Engineer he studied a Bachelor of Advanced Science and Arts, Applied Mathematics at UNSW. Ben has since worked as a data analyst and has tutored students in mathematics. To find out why Ben is passionate about AI and why he thinks young Australians should be skilled and […]

Fast Five Bahar Salehi

Bahar Salehi is a Senior Data Scientist at Go1. Before joining Go1, Bahar has worked across industries and for companies including Telstra and SEEK. She’s deeply passionate about coaching data scientists to find effective solutions for loosely defined problems. As an expert in the field, we put these Fast Five questions to Bahar about her […]

Fast Five with Sebastian Sardina

Dr Sebastian Sardina is a lecturer and professor at RMIT University specialising in AI. Sebastian is an expert in the field of AI, both in teaching and research and is strong advocate of Computer Science education in secondary schools. We put the following Fast Five questions to Sebastian about AI. Why is AI important in […]

Fast Five with Danny Doan

Danny Doan is a Senior Applied Scientist at Xero and has worked for the company for two years after joining as a Data Scientist. Danny has worked at well-known companies such as Seek and Citi Bank in across data and analytics. As an expert in the field, we put these Fast Five questions to Danny […]

Fast Five with Isabell Kiral

Before joining Culture Amp last year as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Isabell Kiral has worked across research and engineering, biotech, data science analytics and software architecture for companies such as Amazon and IBM. We put these Fast Five questions to Isabell about AI. What appealed to you most about a career in AI? Rather […]

Fast Five with Tony Abi Khalil

Before joining Pet Circle as the VP of Engineering in November 2021, Tony Abi Khalil worked across Digital, eCommerce and Technical Consultancy in other well-known Australian businesses including Commonwealth Bank and Woolworths.  We put these Fast Five questions to Tony about AI. Why is AI important in your career? Without showing my age, when I […]

Fast Five with Sue Keay

Dr Sue Keay is one of Australia’s most influential leaders in artificial intelligence and robotics. She led the development of Australia’s first robotics roadmap, highlighting how advances in robotics impact on every sector of the Australian economy. Sue is also fellow at ATSE, one of the supporters of Day of AI Australia.  We put these […]

Fast Five with Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams is the co-founder of CS in Schools, a proud supporter of the Day of AI and an organisation that is creating sustainable change in digital technology education in Australia.  We put these Fast Five questions to Hugh about AI. Why is AI important in your career? I’ve used AI throughout my career to […]