Australia’s AI Month

Showcasing, connecting and celebrating Australia's amazing AI capabilities, talent and potential from November 15th - December 15th 2023


Australia’s AI Month is a groundbreaking initiative that illuminates the brilliance of Australia’s AI landscape. This initiative plays a pivotal role in the National Artificial Intelligence Centre’s mission to pave the way for a responsible and inclusive AI future for Australia.

Hold your AI-related workshop or event during November 15th – December 15th and submit it to so it can be featured on the National AI Centre’s events calendar.

Please download the DOAI + Month of AI Learning Module below to take part in the event.

Interested in taking part in the Day of AI in 2024?

The Day of AI is a global education movement to help Australian children better the role of artificial intelligence in their lives and in their futures.

If you missed out this year, we’d love to see you next year! Register to make sure you receive all the educational support and materials for the Day of AI 2024.